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Each home HOA and BOD is uniquely different and requires different cleaning wants/schedules/time lines. Here at EZ Exterior Cleaning we are able to handle all of your HOA's needs. We can treat your all of your roofs or just clean and maintain your driveways/sidewalks.

Whatever your boards decides, our innovative and efficient processes allows us to complete large scale amount of work in considerably less time than that of a handyman and/or companies that are not properly equipped.   We look forward to preparing a detailed competitive quote for all of your exterior cleaning needs. 

  • Clubhouse Cleaning(ie. exterior building,  pool decks, pool furniture, walkways)

  • Community/Common area Sidewalks/Bike Paths

  • Road Gutters/Valleys

  • Basketball Courts

  • Entry Ways Signs

  • Guard Houses

  • Privacy Walls

  • Exterior Windows

  • Pavered Roadways

  • and more...


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