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  • What is Earth EZ Biowash/what should I expect?
    When applying the Earth EZ Biowash it is like putting your roof on a diet plan. Each roof will react differently and take different amounts of time to shed the "weight" aka algae. Rain and sun do aid in the process, but are NOT required for results. In addition, the amount of algae present at the time of the primary treatment, tree/shade coverage, exposure(North/South/East/West), color of roof and type of roof all affect the timeframe in which the roof color will be back to its original color. After the primary application the tiles will become tea color (darker tiles show less tea color than white roofs). Roofs with more algae will react and show more noticeable tea color. This is a part of the application process. It allows the trained applicators visual proof that the product has attached to the algae AND that the entire roof has been adequately treated with the biowash. the tea color will diminish over the next few days, with the algae graying and lightening over the following weeks.
  • What is the difference between pressure cleaning/softwash/low pressure?
    Pressure Cleaning: Contractors use 2,500-3,500 psi pressure cleaner and drive water into the roof tiles and underlayment. Contractors will either utilize a wand or a surface cleaner when doing this. A surface cleaner is a machine with wheels and a spray bar that rotates the water. The surface cleaners were originally meant to be used on FLAT surfaces, like sidewalks, driveways NOT for roof tiles. In addition to the excessive water pressure that is forced into the roof, pressure cleaning wastes excessive amounts of water. The best analogy to pressure cleaning is like shaving. All your doing is knocking the head off, but the root is staying behind, which increases the speed in which the algae growth will return on the roof. Pressure cleaning is by far the WORST possible option when it comes to roof cleaning; do not choose any company that uses this outdated method. Contractors will try to sell you on, we only pressure clean once and guarantee results or we will come back and "pressure clean". Why do something over and over if you know it is damaging your most expensive part of the home. Softwash & No pressure: There are plenty of words out there in today's roof cleaning. 1. No Pressure: Lets start with the NO PRESSURE advertisements. There is no such thing as NO PRESSURE. If you turn on a faucet in your kitchen or a sprinkler outside you have SOME pressure. 2. Softwash was coined years ago when roof cleaning contractors were looking to step away from pressure cleaning roofs due to the extensive damage it was causing. Softwash refers to when a contractor buy 9% sodium hypochlorite (like you buy from Pinch a Penney) and then dilutes it. Their solutions are applied using low pressure at concentrations 10,000 to 40,000 times more concentrated than your pool water. Please note that even at diluted rates when testing diluted solution on galvanized roof fittings it readily corrodes the fittings. In fact only a small pile of rust remained after only two weeks. The solution is bound to also damage and corrode the subroof, the flashings, and the valleys when the solutions hits it. Pro: it cleans the roof immediately, but the con's significantly outway the pro's. 3. Low Pressure is a term that is widely used that simply put its the contractors way of letting the client know that they will be applying a "solution" without the use of high pressure like that used in pressure cleaning. The solution used can be a wide range of chemcials or algaecides.
  • How can I confirm a contractor has the correct license and insurance?
    Before accepting ANY bid/estimate you should always check to confirm that the contractors licenses and insurance are active. LICENSE SEARCH: Collier County requires any business soliciting ROOF CLEANING services in Collier County to hold an active ROOF CLEAN/COAT//PAINT license. Please note: Handyman are NOT licensed to do any roof cleaning in Collier County. Visit the link below and search the business name: Please note the underline portion on an Application Number shows the YEAR the business received their license: LCC20140002674 (collier county updated their system and the "dated issued" is not reporting correctly in the boxes) WORKERS COMPSENATION SEARCH: This is where contractors get tricky. Workers Compenstation Insurance is very costly. Contractors are always looking for opportunities to cut cost. May vendors will obtain a policy and only run the owner through payroll so they can "technically" show proof of workers compenstaiton COI (coverage of insurance) when bidding jobs, but in fact none of the people they have working for them are covered under this policy, or contractors will file for workers compenstation exemption and have subcontractors. These sly business practices cause homeowners, HOA's and business considerable amount of money each year when they are going through litigation because the contractor did not have appropriate coverage for their workers and the homeowner, property manager or board of the HOA did not ask for current proof. It takes only a few seconds to research contractors if you have the correct tools. The State of Florida provides a Proof of Coverage database that allows you to search any contractor of your choosing. It updates annually on the policies date of renewal. Once you search and select the business name, you can drill down on the DETAILED COVERAGE INFORMATION and it will show you the number employees they reported on their payroll at their renewal date. It is benefical to look at each reporting year, you should see some fluctuations in number of employees or at least employees being reported. If you see a business that has reported/has "0 employees" this should be a major RED FLAG. Why have workers compenstation insurance if you are NOT reporting employees on a payroll. It is at least worth bringing up the contractor and asking their insurance company to confirm coverage etc. Link to search workers compesntation coverage: GENERAL LIABILITY/AUTO INSURANCE: There is currently no site that allows you to search coverage. To ensure your contractor has an ACTIVE policy, simply require them to email you a COI (coverage of insurance) with your name and address listed as the policy holder. If a policy is expried or lapsed the agent will not be able to produce one with your specific name/address. And if you want to go a step more you can always ensure that the COI was emailed directly from the agent, this is a extra layer of protection. Then you have piece of mind knowing there is no way that that the contractor could just cut and paste your information into an old COI when the policy was in effect.
  • What is a WFP (water fed pole-window cleaning)?
    Short answer is: A brush on a pole specifically made for glass cleaning scrubs the frames to loosen the dirt/debris and then rinsed with highly purified de-ionised water. Since the water is pure, it will leave no spots behind. Even if you see wet droplets on the windows after we leave, PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH OR TRY TO WIPE THEM OFF, the will dry spotless because of the de-ionised water. The WFP filters contain natural elements such as salt, resin beads and carbon sediment and are environmentally safe.
  • Can you do entire communities?
    Yes, we are equipped to handle cleaning individual homes or entire communities. We have several communities where we maintain all their roofs(every 6 months) and maintain all their sidewalks(every quarter) to keep their community sparkling clean all year long.
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