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Soft Pressure Washing

When Should You Choose Soft Pressure Washing?

High Pressure washing makes it easy to clean large areas very quickly, but the traditional  methods of high pressure washing is too harsh for tile and shingle roof surfaces. Roof tile and  shingles have been known to be pushed up off of roofs with standard pressure washing  systems, and that level of pressure will also remove the finish/granules from the tile and shingle  roof systems. Fortunately, you are no longer stuck with high pressure washing as the only  alternative. Instead, you can get low pressure soft pressure washing done.  

Low pressure soft pressure washing uses a reduced-pressure system combined with chemicals  that is safer and easier on sensitive surfaces. It's still effective enough to replace pressure  washing in most cases, but won't strip off finishes or push tile and shingles up. This makes it a  great choice for removing algae and mold off of roofs. It's also great for washing concrete/paver  walkways, lanais and driveways that have surface issues.  

People also choose low pressure soft power washing near me for painted surfaces that might  be too sensitive for the regular-strength wash. Repainted and vinyl siding is an especially good  candidate for the softer/low pressure approach. Paint often doesn't stick to vinyl siding with the  strength of a factory finish, so even if it holds up to the weather okay, it's a good idea to be  gentle with it. The same goes for anything else that was supposed to have a "permanent finish"  but ended up needing to be painted at some point, such as concrete surfaces and lanais.  

On many properties, there are elements that need regular high pressure washing and other  areas that need the soft/low pressure version. Our professional service may use two different  machines to accomplish this, or we may be able to just change the setting on one machine.  Either way, the important part is that the right pressure is used for whichever element is being  cleaned. Be sure to tell our service personnel or salesman about any sensitive elements before  getting low pressure soft power washing near me. 

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