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Commercial Cleaning Services

EZ Exterior Cleaning is licensed and insured.  We work with national commercial/facilities management vendors in providing the highest level of exterior cleaning throughout the state of Florida.   Proper maintenance on commercial properties not only prolong the life of the surfaces (ie paint, caulking, fixtures, and more) but improves curb appeal. Curb appeal speaks volumes to potential tenants and provides customers with a reassurance as the walk through the buildings that the owners pride themselves of providing a clean business environment.  Commercial properties should always start by looking at their roof first!  The condition of a commercial roof directly affects the areas beneath it. Run off of algae from the roof causes algae growth on walls and sidewalks to grow at a faster rate. The presence of algae and a slight amount of morning dew can cause a perfect slip and fall scenario.  Neglecting common areas can result in a costly slip and fall claim that could have been easily avoided for a fraction of the cost with regular cleaning and maintenance


In addition, more companies are recognizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle and encouraging frequent outdoor walking routines, outdoor eating areas and even basketball. Employee, tenant and client safety is hand and hand with regular cleanings. Contact us today for a free estimate.  


 Please see below the services we offer. 

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