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Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Why You Should Always Use Soft Wash  Roof Cleaning

Many companies advertise pressure washing for roofs, but there are some serious hazards  involved with having this done at the usual power level. This is because roofs are meant to  resist water that comes from a natural rain fall. Florida rains roll down the tile and shingles, and  rarely if ever come up from the bottom of the roof with force. Natural rain fall rarely involves  high pressure except during the worst of storms combined with high winds. Therefore, roofs are  not built to withstand pressure cleaning as a matter of course.  

Standard pressure washing exceeds force levels that are far above what roofs were designed to  withstand. The multi varied angles of pressure washing force the water up underneath the tile  and asphalt shingles or other roof systems. This is a recipe for a leaky disaster. How can you  wash your roof without these problems?  

The answer is to get soft wash roof cleaning. With soft wash roof cleaning near me, the water  pressure is kept to reasonable levels comparable to a garden hose. Your roof will not be  subjected to hurricane-force water application or the damage that comes with that. A good  technician also won't try to do the roof cleaning from below. Instead, he'll stand on the roof and  make sure the chemical solution is applied from angles above the parts to be cleaned. This  eliminates the upwards forces that roofs aren't meant to handle.  
With soft wash roof cleaning, (soft/low pressure roof cleaning) the job is still being applied by the  use of a machine attached to a 300’ chemical hose combined with low pressure which is much  safer and faster than climbing up there and trying to use a high pressure wand or surface  cleaner and you won't have to worry about lingering damage with soft wash roof cleaning near  me.  

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