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Residential Exterior Cleaning

Make Your Home Look Like New with  Residential Exterior Cleaning  

A house has many hard exterior elements, and all of them can seem like dirt magnets after  they've been in place for a few years. Sometimes, it doesn't even take that long for them to start  looking dingy. The solution is to have EZ Exterior Cleaning provide residential exterior cleaning services on a regular basis. Then, the dirt/algae never has a chance to build up, and the  surfaces stay looking like new.  

Exterior cleaning near me is typically done by pressure washing. This involves using chemicals  and variable high-pressure water through a hose at the items to be cleaned. The hose is  attached to a commercial pressure washer, not your spigot, so the pressure levels can get quite  high. For surfaces that can't handle that much pressure, a "soft wash" version is used instead.  

Residential exterior cleaning isn't limited to the siding of the house. It is also popular for  sidewalks, walkways, driveways and lanais. Pool decks are often cleaned this way, too.

For driveways and other ground-based hard surfaces, a surface cleaner should be used. This  type of residential exterior cleaning involves a machine that looks like a commercial floor  scrubber. However, it applies water at high volume and high pressure to the surface through  spinning nozzles designed to be used on materials that can handle it, such as concrete and  pavers. These commercial machines can take off a wide variety of stains, so they are often used  on driveways that have been exposed to the elements.  

Once all of the exterior surfaces have been treated with residential exterior cleaning, your entire  property will look better. It's a great way to rejuvenate an older house or its exterior elements. If  you take a drive through the neighborhood, you can easily see who hired an exterior cleaning  near me. Call us EZ Exterior Cleaning for one or all of our services today, and you too can have  more time with family and friends and "the clean house" on the block.

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