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How does it work?

Our roof cleaning process utilizes our Earth EZ Biowash. The biowash is applied with using low pressure(no more than a standard garden hose pressure).  The biowash penetrates the porous surface and begins attacking the root structure of the algae, moss and lichen. Over time the roof returns to its original color without damage to the tiles from the cleaning solution.  Preventative maintenance will keep the algae and black stains away with timely maintenance treatments.


What is it?

                                                          The Earth EZ biowash is an institutional detergent with a                                                                 blend of organic solvents and antimicrobial biocides                                                                         formulated to attack algae, moss and lichen at the root                                                                       structure  and eliminate it.  The roof will remain algae free with                      continued and timely prevention applications. 


NO high pressure or corrosive chemicals, bleaches or heavy metals in solution. 

What to expect?

When applying the Earth EZ Biowash it is like putting your roof on a diet plan. Each roof will react differently and take different amounts of time to shed the "weight" aka algae.  Rain and sun do aid in the process, but are NOT required for results.  In addition, the amount of algae present at the time of the primary treatment, tree/shade coverage, exposure(North/South/East/West), color of roof and type of roof all affect the timeframe in which the roof color will be back to its original color.  After the primary application the tiles will become tea color (darker tiles show less tea color than white roofs). Roofs with more algae will react and show more noticeable tea color.  This is a part of the application process. It allows the trained applicators visual proof that the product has attached to the algae AND that the entire roof has been adequately treated with the biowash.  the tea color will diminish over the next few days, with the algae graying and lightening over the following weeks. 

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